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As a state, we have everything that we need to rank #1 in business growth and job creation. Our quality of life is incredible, we are a national leader in technology, and we have an excellent workforce. If we commit to improving education, lowering the cost of doing business, and addressing our state’s unfunded liabilities, our state will be on a solid path for the future. In order for this to happen, we have to enact common sense policies. The good thing is we are not flying blind. We can use the successes and failures of other states as a roadmap for what works – and what doesn’t. Colorado’s Pathway to Prosperity provides some policy ideas for strengthening our state’s educational system, improving our state’s economy, and lowering the percentage of repeat criminal offenders in our state’s prisons. While there is no silver bullet, a combination of sound policies can make a big difference. To get things accomplished, it just takes the right ideas, effective communication, and the necessary political will to take on tough issues.

• Putting children first
• Reforming the Colorado Read Act to include a mandatory retention provision for students that are far behind in reading. This will ensure that they are prepared to succeed at the next level of education
• Pushing the reforms in SB-191 further
• Passing a “parent trigger” bill – which would empower parents to make necessary reforms to low performing schools in Colorado
• Approving “targeted tuition credits” – which would expand options for low income kids that find themselves in failing schools
• Debating “Backpack funding” – which could be a reform that would ensure that more funding gets to the actual classroom.

• Keeping taxes low and actively courting businesses are good ways to increase job creation and growth. Additionally, the FASTER car registration increase should be repealed – and the state government should better prioritize its spending in order to ensure that we have safe roads and bridges in Colorado
• Economic certainty is an important ingredient to job creation and growth. If Colorado enacts pro-growth policies, we could become more of an oasis for innovation
• If Colorado is serious about addressing the unfunded liabilities of PERA, the legislature should seriously discuss a “cash balance” type plan for future employees
• Employees should not be forced to be in unions and pay dues as a condition of their employment. Studies show that right to work states have lower unemployment rates and increased job creation
• Colorado should embrace an “all of the above” energy policy. Our main goal should be to get cheaper, cleaner, and more plentiful options for energy

• Colorado needs to work to lower its recidivism rate – while still remaining tough on crime. Doing this would save the state money and create more productive members of society

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Fields is also:
• A strong supporter of the 10th Amendment
• Pro-Life
• Opposed to activist judges
• A member of the NRA and supporter of the 2nd Amendment